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About Olivier Tax

Olivier Tax is the best choice for a sales, use and transaction tax consultant in New York, New York.  Founder David Olivier has 23 years of in-depth experience specifically focused on assisting clients in a wide array of industries with their sales, use, and transaction tax matters. David's most notable strength is his exceptional technical expertise, which he uses to reduce his clients' financial risks and associated expenses, allowing them to devote more time and resources to their core business needs.

David provides exceptional tax consulting services to businesses generating under $250,000 annually to Fortune 500 companies with revenues in the billions. He also works on large dollar transactions tax items such as aircraft purchases.  The following are a few examples of the diverse industries he has successfully served:

• Retail
• Hotels
• Software
• Restaurants
• Advertising
• IT Services
• Construction
• Manufacturing
• Internet Sales
• Pharmaceutical
• Financial Services
• Telecommunications

Olivier Tax is your company's portal to proven sales and use tax techniques and processes. David founded this firm on a results-by-design business model that emphasizes effectiveness, accountability, and client-driven value, delivering profitable ideas and performance, not promises. This type of specialization is critical when your business is dealing with complicated tax laws or powerful state revenue agents.

David maximizes your bottom line by efficiently completing projects with minimal internal interruption while constantly seeking out opportunities to provide additional financial benefits. Operating inclusively and synergistically, David works with attorneys, accountants, and with company representatives directly to achieve outstanding results. If you'd like to consider David to serve as your sales, use and transaction tax advocate, reach out to him today to learn more.

David Olivier, Tax Consultant in New York, NY

David Olivier

David Olivier is the founder and Managing Principal of Olivier Tax LLC. Before starting his own practice in October 2003, David spent nine years at Big 4 accounting firm KPMG LLP, where he served numerous Fortune 500 and middle market clients on a wide variety of multi-state sales/use and transaction tax consulting projects. He was well known for his technical expertise and served as KPMG's nationally listed specialist on New York sales/use and telecommunications taxes. He also worked closely with KPMG's mergers and acquisitions practice and was regarded as the practice's preferred sales/use tax resource. As an independent consultant, David has overseen a wide variety of sales, use, and transaction tax projects for hundreds of clients, which collectively have resulted in savings of more than $100 million.

David has broad, yet in-depth experience advising clients on complex sales and use tax related issues. He is also thoroughly knowledgeable and experienced with implementing the latest and most innovative, proven sales and use tax service and planning ideas currently available in the industry. Put simply, David is your best option for a tax consultant in New York, New York. Notable examples of David's accomplishments include:

Managed Audits - Oversaw a sales/use tax managed audit project for a major pharmaceutical company, which resulted in a net refund to the client of more than $2 million.

Audit Assistance - Assisted a telecommunications company in converting a multi-million dollar sales/use tax audit assessment into a $1.2 million refund.

Refund Reviews - Identified $2.2 million in sales/use tax refunds at a major financial institution.

Due Diligence Reviews - Identified a $2.5 million sales/use tax exposure at a target company his client planned to acquire for $6 million. Assisted his client in renegotiating the terms of the acquisition agreement to require the current owners of the target company to incur all expenses necessary to resolve the exposure.

Planning - Identified and developed a sales/use tax planning initiative, which generated significant sales/use tax savings on corporate aircraft and aircraft-related expenses.

Voluntary Disclosure - Negotiated prospective agreements under which taxpayers were not required to remit any prior period taxes by accessing his network of key contacts within many of the state revenue departments across the country.

Letter Ruling Requests - Originated the idea that "load and leave" software should not be subject to sales/use tax in states that do not tax electronically downloaded software. David was the first individual/entity to submit a ruling request to the California State Board of Equalization and to obtain a favorable ruling on the issue.

Taxability Matrices and Technical Advice Memoranda - Prepared taxability matrices and technical advice memoranda on a wide variety of subjects for companies in numerous regulated and unregulated industries including internet services, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, transportation, aviation, advertising, and computer software, as well as financial services, leasing, alarm/security systems, hotel/hospitality, manufacturing, and retail, to name a few examples.

David is a graduate of Brigham Young University, having earned Master's and Bachelor's degrees in accounting with an emphasis on taxes.  David is also fully fluent in Spanish and proficient in Russian.     

Disclaimer: This website and the information contained herein is intended to provide general information only, and is not to be considered as a substitute for accounting, consulting, investment, legal, tax, or other professional advice or services. Should you have questions or require further assistance, please contact Olivier Tax.